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ABA WORLDWIDE offer premium service for all of clients who need household goods

removals with free stress-move services such as:


Pre-Move Survey

It's first step to start the process and very important. Our representative staff will come to visit the client house, listing the goods and estimate the volume or weight of household goods need be send out. Pre-move survey is also very important to have more accurate quote, type of packing, customs information, and next step of process.

The pre-move survey service is FREE service with no any charges except for out of remote area.


The company only use the right material for the right items. The packing will protect client personal belonging to arrive at destination safely. Once the cost has been approved, our packers will come to client address and start packing on site. Every item we packed, our team will put the correct marking of each package. Clear detailed inventory list will be made of all the goods and signed by both of client and our supervisor.


In some cases, client’s may need to use our warehouses to store their personal belonging in until they have decided on the final forwarding address. We can provide convenient warehouse facilities to store the personal belonging in. All the goods will be kept in a safe and clean environment until final destination has been decided.

Inland Transportation

The company provides inland transportation to supporting our services. Our transport equipment dedicated to make sure our service on time. Divided into several size of equipments/trucks, it will ensure no area uncovered by our equipment.

Customs Brokerage

Customs clearance is an important export/import process. We always trying work closely with customs and our experienced customs clearance staff will provide all necessary documentation required by customs to prevent delays.


The company will arrange the shipping based on the agreement and an estimated schedule will be provided. The whole shipping process will be closely monitored by ourself and a report kept on current transit location. We only use selected efficient shipping lines or airlines to ensure that the goods arrive on time and in a good condition.

Destination Service

The destination agent will work on our behalf service you at destination. The destination agent will work closely with client and reporting regular to us as record. Once the personal belonging has been shipped out, our company will notice our agent to follow up with the client.The agent will contact the client and arrange the clearance and delivery as stated in the agreement. The agent will also pass on destination information. Once the personal belonging arrives at the destination address, the agent will bring the goods inside, unpack and set-up. This service enables our customers to relax and have a stress free moving experience.


Insurance is an optional service that helping the client to protect their goods during the shipping. The company dealt with insurance company who has experience in handling of household goods shipment. All risks insurance will be covered with easy claim.