Logistic Services

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It's very important to support our freight forwarder and movers services. The company provides the facilities such as: large warehouse, fleet of delivery trucks, complete packing materials & equipments, professional and well experienced packers. Our logistics services such as:

Pick up services

With own flat of delivery trucks, our company provides pick up services to serving our client who need assistance in collecting the order/merchandise or using for pick up the special shipment such as removals or exhibition shipments. Our delivery trucks will ensure all goods pick up/delivery in good conditions.

Packing & crating

Once we have the goods, our well trained packers will pack and label all the stuff from small to large size items. We will provide complete packing materials from single/double cardboard, bubble plastics, silica gel, Styrofoam, foam plastic or any size of carton box. We only use suitable, recommended packing material that will enable your cargo to arrive safely and free from problems on arrival at destination.


We can provide convenient and secure warehouse storage facilities while you are waiting for your whole order to be manufactured. Humidity levels are controlled in all our warehouses which are always kept clean and free from pests and insects.

Inland Transportation

All container movement from port to loading area and back to port will be controlled by our staff ensuring prompt destination arrival time and preventing delays .We only choose the right truck or trolley to carry your container for overweight, or oversize loads. The truck will come on time as requested.

Customs Brokerage and Export Documentation

Customs clearance is an important export process. Our experienced customs clearance staff will provide all necessary documentation required by customs to prevent delays. Once customs have approved the shipment we will then process all client export supporting documents such as:

Certificate of Origin, Invoice & Packing List, Fumigation Certificate, etc. If the shipper does not have an export license, our company will provide one.

Marine Insurance

We only deal with reputable marine insurance companies to cover your shipment incase goods should arrive damaged or missing. All risk insurance covered for sea, air, truck, warehouse, or storage.