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Below are common questions that may one of your doubt:


Q: I plan to move to Bali and bring my personal belonging. Any suggest?

A: Indonesia has regulations how to import the personal belonging. Pls ctc us before sending the

personal belonging in order to avoid problem at time release from customs. We will giving a

guidance and reference how to sending your shipment.

Q: What documents needed to release the shipment from Indonesian customs when we

bring in the personal belonging?

A: Its depending on your status to stay in Indonesia. If you are foreigner, work and stay permits  will be required. If you are returning Indonesian, A letter from embassy will be required along with endorsed packing list. If you are Diplomatic/Semi Diplomatic status, visa dinas is required along with letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Diplomatic status) or The Indonesian StateSecretary (Semi Diplomatic status). Complete regulations are available upon request.

Q: I'm 60 years old and would like to enjoy the rest of my life in Bali. I will apply KITAS Pensiun (Retirement Stay Permit). Could I bring in my personal things?

A: You may allow to bring the personal belonging with subject to apply import duties and taxes. To calculate the duties/taxes, we will need your packing list.


Q: On my move into Indonesia, I would like to bring the pet, car, & motorbike. Any problem?

A: Some areas in Indonesia are strictly prohibitted to bring the pets. Suggest to ctc us before you plan to send the pet. Car, motorbike, any motorized items are only allowed to bring under Diplomatic/Semi Diplomatic status.

Q: In next two months, I will move from Indonesia to Australia. How to send my personal things?

A: No need to worry. Our company will provide full door to door services. Please visit our site, you will see how is easy to move with us.


Freight Forwarders

Q: I plan to buy the handicraft and furniture in Bali. Unfortunately, I'm still don't how many cubic meters it would be. Could you pls adv me the size of container if we ship by sea?

A: Sending by sea has two options such as: LCL (Less Container Loaded) or some peoples called partial shipment and FCL (Full Conatiner Loaded). When you plan to ship small quantity of items (assume 1 - 10 M3), we recommend you send as LCL shipment and we will charge by cubic meters. And when you plan to ship in large quantity of items, we recommend you to send as FCL. FCL has several size such as: 20ft, 40ft, 40HC. Its standard size of container or also called DRY Container. Special container equipment also available such as: OT (Open Top Container), RF (Reefer Container), Flat Rack, Flatrack Collapsible, ISO Tank, and Platform containers.


Q : When we bought the merchandises in many different places, what we should to do?

A : Once to have bought the merchandises, please prepare the purchased bills, Our staff will copy all purchased bills and contact each suppliers to monitor the ready items.


Q : Does the cargo company will collect the merchandise from each suppliers?

A : Yes, once we have the purchased bills, our staff will contact the suppliers to check when the order will be ready to collect.


Q : When we leave Indonesia and order are not ready, how we monitor the orders?

A : No worry, our staff will monitor and control your order and reporting the progress to you. You only need to contact us by e-mail or telp if need information of the order urgently.


Q : When we leave the Indonesia, we still have balance payment to suppliers. How to settle the balance payment after I leave?

A : The payment to suppliers is normally 50% before starting the order and 50% before we collecting the order. You can settle the payment directly to ach suppliers or through our company. Payment through our company will be distributed to each supplier as requested.


Q : My suppliers are small shop. They may don't have export license. What we should to do?

A : No worry, we understand not all suppliers has export license. This is our job to provide the export license. All purchased bills will be recorded/typed in a letter head who will have export license. You will have commercial invoice in a registered exporter letter head.


Q : I may need the certificate of origin, commercial invoice, and packing list to clear the shipment at destination. Can you provide it?

A : Yes, we will provide the documents mentioned above. Our staff will prepare the all documents to match with destination customs requirement.


Q : My order are wood items. I'm afraid the destination customs will reject our shipment due to insect inside of woods.

A : Before we send the cargo, we will do the treatment (fumigation) to kill the bark, insect, or pets that stayed in wood materials. The treatment dosage will depend on destination country from 48gram/m3 until 128gram/m3. We also will provide the phytosanitary certificate upon requested.


Q : I heard the wood packaging need special treatment. Is that true?

A : Yes, wood packaging material must comply with International Standard Phytosanitary Measurement no. 15 (ISPM#15). But don't worry, we will provide you the ISPM#15 certificate if any item packed by wood material.


Q : Some suppliers may will not pack the order properly. What we should to do?

A : We will do the inspection to make sure the supplier packaging is in order. If suppliers didn't pack your order, we will do the packaging in our warehouse.


Q : When we can have the export documents? Do you will send the original to us?

A : For airfreight, the original documents will send together with the cargo. You will collect the documents at airline office in destination. For seafreight, we will send the original documents by courier to your address before container arrive at destination port.


Q : When cargo arrive at destination port, what I should to do?

A : Before cargo arrive, you must contact the shipping line / airline to check the time of arrival. If you can't do clearance by yourself, please deal with the customs agent. You should finalize the all process and cost at destination.


Q : Does the cargo covered by insurance for damage, missing, or broken?

A : Insurance is normally optional charge, you can use your own insurance company or via our company. Many third parties involve in your shipment. Damage, broken, or missing may happen during the process. There are many questions when you will have shipment especially for the first time doing this business. Please contact us for any further assistance...